The 7 Step
Invent - Promote - Profit

Get your Invention Idea from Mind to Market to Profit

without the headache, heartache, and bank account draining
mistakes so many inventors make

Invent Promote Profit Strategy

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Discover how to take your invention idea from concept to a Market Viable Product that makes people say, “OMG I WANT THAT!”

Many first-time, new product inventors believe that just having a great product idea is enough for people to invest. But, that is not the case 99% of the time.

THE TRUTH IS: When you have a great idea, you must determine market viability as early as possible. And that requires you take these first crucial steps BEFORE you release a new product.

This valuable guide will show you how to spend less time, money and effort on expensive patents and prematurely manufacturing products…that may never sell.

You’re about to learn…

What people are saying...

Kevin Harrington

Inventor of the Infomercial, Original Shark on Shark Tank, As Seen on TV Pioneer.

Invent Promote Profit by Dennis G Shaver

Dennis G. Shaver

Innovation / Entrepreneurship Catalyst American Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author

I’ve referred many of my clients to Dennis knowing that they will receive sage advice to bring their invention ideas to life. I have found Dennis to be a great motivator, guiding and facilitating budding inventors to focus on ease of manufacturability in the journey from idea to reality. This book is a great tool which inevitably gives them the best chance of market success.

Craig W. Mueller

Intellectual Property Attorney

Dennis has provided excellent counsel, from simplifying my initial product idea to getting a prototype designed and fabricated in the most cost-effective manner. He was able to guide me all the way from the idea stage to the marketplace.  His can-do attitude and seasoned industry experience as outlined in this book make Dennis the go-to guru for product development from A-Z.

Barbara Askenazi

Inventor, Sure Win, LLC

This book is a small price to pay for decades of behind-the- scenes industry secrets to get your invention idea from the conceptual stage to reality.

Chris Mitchell

Chief Marketing Officer,

Dennis has been indispensable in my product innovation journey with excellent technical advice, as well as tips that have saved me time and money. This book represents his  years of industry experience, an extension of his passion and inspiration that is more than worth its weight in gold. Buy this book—you won’t be sorry! 

Linda Ramirez-Eaves

Lawyer and Aspiring Inventor

The process for developing an idea from a concept into an actual product takes passion, resources, collaboration and persistence. Dennis has put together this book as an easy- to-understand guide based on years of experience to help the inventor reach their full invention potential. 

David Roecker

Product Designer, Collaboration Expert

It is awesome to see how passionate you are about what you do, and we appreciate the enthusiasm you share for helping new Inventors like us turn a concept to market, very helpful!

Anthony DiFiglio

I have been working on a product for 5 years and it has been costly. However, now that I’ve gotten access to this eBook, the step by step strategy that Dennis provides has helped me tremendously. This has helped me see the process much clearer, prioritize and move forward with product development in a way that will be significantly more cost and time efficient, Very grateful!

Kelly K

Dennis G. Shaver’s 7 Step Strategy on how to protect yourself and your idea brilliantly lays out his knowledge about many options to consider when deciding to patent or not to patent your invention idea. This book is a goldmine of information! It includes a lot of valuable resources and it is written in a very easy to understand format. Highly recommended!

Peggy A.

This is a well written ebook, that speaks to first time inventor audiences and he makes it easy to relate and understand each step along the way. Dennis takes what could be overwhelming to most and makes the complex, simple. He is honest and transparent about potential obstacles as well as solutions. Dennis gives hope and inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs.



Dennis G. Shaver provides a compelling and comprehensive road map for inventors/entrepreneurs who want to move their great ideas to the market. Shaver conducts a fantastic examination of how to bust external barriers and a thought provoking exploration of overcoming personal obstacles to discovering our own genius. This book provides any inventor with the tools and methods for developing confidence to persist through the process of creating great products. This book has the potential to be life changing for those who are committed to an innovative idea.

Scott Crabill

A Must Read for New Product Development to avoid costly mistakes

When I first started reading the book, I was pleasantly surprised by the author’s passion and drive in new product development and invention. I never imagined tooling, parts and machines could be so interesting, LOL. I had a hunch that the book would shed light for many coaches and authors on information product development and launches, including books.It would definitely save time, money and creative effort in knowing a good practical road map before creating a complete product no one wants. The author has led his readers through the whole creation process, from an idea into production to provide a solution in solving ideal customers’ certain needs.The part about identifying your niche market is so invaluable. As much as there are no guarantees in launching a product, well-planned product development from idea to market will certainly take many costly guesses out of the equation. Any one who has a passion and dream of creating something to benefit this world could certainly benefit from reading this book.


Sue Ziang


The 7 Essential Step Blueprintis one of the most helpful and easily understandable step-by-step DIY programs especially since I’m new at Inventing a new product. It gives an insight how to navigate each step and about the obstacles on the journey ahead and…he makes it easy to understand.

Cheryl Hudson

This step by step strategy is a blessing to all inventors that are wanting to learn how to get your idea out of your head into the masses. Dennis Shaver has also taken the time to speak with me on several occasions and has helped me take my idea to a level that once was a dream. Get this book, read it, follow the steps to success and you will be as grateful as I am for Dennis. Thank you very much Dennis for sharing your wisdom and guidance to success!


The author of the Entrepreneurial Incubator has done a great job of outlining all the considerations I need to evaluate and implement as I develop my product idea all in one resource. I was intimidated about how to proceed with my invention, but with the information in this book, I’m excited to learn more about how to effectively outsource the manufacturing. The pros and cons listed in section “Outsourcing 101” will help me focus my investigation. 

Lorie Obernauer

This ebook keeps me going and is the cure for any road invention road blocks I may face in my journey to share my product with the world. Dennis takes a painstaking and challenging task and turns it into inspiration in the form of how to navigate th ekey steps needed. He is encouraging people to keep going with step by step guidance and resources. He covers all avenues necessary to be successful and connect with the target audience. Dennis lays out the foundation to keep going with your idea so there’s never a point where the inventor would get stuck. 

Alana Healy

Out of pure coincidence, I met the author of “The Entrepreneurial Incubator” at a local “Deal Incubator” meeting – a mini “Shark Tank” – last week. The minute he mentioned the title, I had to read it. If you are an inventor, who is looking to take your invention to market, this book is a must read. Even for someone like me, who is an entrepreneur but not an inventor, it was chock-full of useful information.

David M.