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I am excited for you that you have registered for the Invent – Promote – Profit” Online Video Summit! In fact, it is airing online ‘starting with the first video interview’:  April 4 2017.

This email is your step-by-step guide for you to have an incredible and informative experience as you watch each of the online videos.

We recommend you read the below information so you get the most of your Free Online Video Summit Interviews to help you discover how to Get your Idea from your Mind to the Marketplace.

In addition, let me tell you why I’m so excited and honored to have the privilege to host the Invent – Promote –Profit Video Summit.

I have always been excited about learning how to invent things.

Being raised on an old school dairy farm in a family of 7 brothers, money was tight so we had to always get creative. Since we had a lot of mouths to feed, cows to tend to along with numerous farm equipment breaking down, we had to get pretty creative on inventing ways to keep the family business running as smoothly as possible. In fact, my father was like an old school MacGyver. He was the master at showing my brothers and I how to invent ways to fix things to solve problems and make things work more efficiently. During these times, I was amazed at how our dad especially when challenged with serious equipment breakdowns would find the courage and fortitude with simple yet effective resources to evolve from a breakdown to a break though. To me as a young boy, this can-do human spirit inspired the creative side of myself. It lit me up inside with the belief that if you can think it, and align with the most effective resources especially on a tight budget, you can find a way to create it.

Thorough the years working in the product development industry, I’ve cultivated and harvested plenty of ah-ha’s and breakthroughs that have had a major impact on helping Aspiring Innovators realize their full invention potential and eventually profit from their hard earned efforts.

This is exactly why I have organized this summit. By gathering Experts with backgrounds in various fields of expertise who found a way to create and follow a methodical step by step process of breaking through the challenges, barriers and roadblocks. They are truly living a life they dreamed of by taking the most effective action on their ideas, found ways to promote their ideas and now, profiting from their creative efforts.  I want this life for you. You are worthy and deserving of reaching the full potential of your new product invention idea!


Timely 30 minute Power Packed video interviews.

Time is of the essence so our Experts will get right to the point during each interview and give you the juicy stuff that not only works, it makes good sense!

Real life Breakthroughs,  Experiences, Step-by-Step Formulas, and hands-on Helpful Tips

I have hand-picked Experts to participate in this summit who inspire me and are thriving, not just surviving. And, I’ll be asking them questions that I too want to get the answers to! In fact, you will learn about topics like; Learn how to swim confidently with the sharks on TV hit show, SharkTank, To Patent or Not To Patent, Fund your Genius with little or no debt, The Power of the Prototype, and much more! The questions will be candid, raw, inspiring and thought provoking. In other words, we want to know the real deal, the facts, simple to use, easy to understand, do it yourself techniques, secrets, strategies, steps much like following a Roadmap.

How to watch each video interview

I will be sending you a direct link of the interview each morning throughout the summit. Be sure to check your email inbox each morning during the summit so you get to see these information packed interviews to help you reach your full potential from Mind to Market.

I am here to help you so when you have any type of question, contact me at; dennisgshaver@gmail.com

Onward & Upward!
Summit Host
Amazon Best Selling Author